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Over 20 Years Experience and Proudly Canadian

At the Grocery Shop
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Serving all Major Canadian Retailers

We have been producing national brand equivalent products for the past 20 years.  We specialize in keeping pace with the market leaders on both formulations and packaging design.
We have extensive experience formulating cost effective alternatives to the leading brands. Choose form one of our many stock formulations, or we’ll develop a custom one to suit your program.
Packaging is an often overlooked part of a successful private label program. We have several in house proprietary moulds, numerous stock options, or if any of those aren’t quite right well make one for you that is.


Liquid, Powders and Unique Products

Already have a product and need it packaged? From the simplest products to the most complex we have you covered.

We have extensive experience supporting our customers with custom formulations and packaging.

In addition we have a large inventory of stock packaging to choose from.

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National Brand Equivalent Formulations

Launching a quality product, and launching a product on time are equally important. All of our product development is done in house, ensuring that your product is right, and on time to meet market demand.


Products for Laundry, Pool and more...

We have developed several niche branded products to support our distributor partners or sell direct to consumer.

Product Specialties: Press Kit
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